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La Trobe Templates for VRE - RIC with Active Directory

The Research Information Centre 2.0, otherwise known as VRE Toolkit for SharePoint, is a virtual environment for researchers to manage their research process and the digital artefacts that are created, including sharing and communally working on them. It facilitates:

  • A single environment available to researchers allowing them to access and manage all aspects of their work.
  • An integrated, structured way for individuals and groups of researchers to have access to content, tools and other resources such as people and organisations.

La Trobe University and Softedge Systems have extended and modified the forms-based version into one more suitable for the University environment. This version has:

  • Active Directory compatibility, including self-provisioning of sites and projects
  • Web parts for local links, such as the local library and funding office
  • Modified branding (can be changed for any University)
  • Modified navigation and page names with extended help, to help usability
  • Custom xml list of all projects, owners, collaborators and their access type to facilitate external functions. The purpose of this list is to provide the Storage/Unix system managers with information frequently and readily accessible to provision, manage, and delete storage mounts in CICS (SMB) associated with each project. Storage team will be querying the web service through Http Get request on defined intervals and creating or altering rights on a Shared folder based on the xml data.
  • Modification of the literature search page to be specific to La Trobe, and which must be developed for each institution until further open-source meta-search functions can be added.

All the templates and WSPs have been tested on SharePoint Enterprise Two and Three Server farms and are still under active development and minor changes plus more modules may be added.

For demonstration to the RIC Community, Softedge has deployed an instance of RIC with the branding of La Trobe University.

Please contact if you would like a trial account or need more details.

Note: La Trobe does not support or endorse this installation, or has any other kind of relationship with this installation, except for permitting Softedge to use its branding.

RIC V2 La Trobe Release 1.2 - First Production Version


Source Code Of Solutions

Installation Guides

This guide was produced over a Two Server Farm enviroment
1. Active Directory Domain Server and
2. SQL Server and SharePoint Server.

For installing over Three Server Farm
1. Active Directory Domain Server and
2. SQL Server
3. SharePoint Server.

For additional support, please contact Vinci at

Deployment Guide

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